Aamir Khan’s Film Shooting Experience in Punjab

aamir khan in dangalSuperstar bollywood film actor Aamir Khan believe people in punjab are extremely loving, caring and polite. In a recent interaction with media Aamir Khan was all praises for people living in Punjab while sharing his film shooting experience in Ludhiana. He is currently shooting for his upcoming movie called “Dangal” in which he plays the lead role of a young wrestling coach. The actor said he was received with utmost care and love by people living in small villages like Kila Raipur, Gujjarwal and Leelpind.

Aamir said, My experience in Punjab has been wonderful in every way. There are facilities and people living in these places are extremely polite, humble and very helpful as well. They greet you with respect and that’s what really makes it so much valuable. He also said that for actors their work is not in office but on streets of villages and cities, so it becomes difficult if people do not cooperate with us while shooting and people in punjab’s village really helped us a lot in this aspect of film shooting.

The main set for the shooting of Dangal movie is built in Gujjarwal and Kila Raipur villages where the main character lives with his family. Aamir said that he was there in these villages for 2 months to shoot different scenes in the film and everyday when the crew used to visit the set, people used to greet them every day and it was such an overwhelming experience for Aamir personally.

Generally in small cities and villages in India people rarely see their favorite film stars and when they see them they go crazy and usually interrupt in shootings, but for Aamir the expeirnce in the punjab seems to be a good one, which is such a refreshing surprise for many filmmakers and actors.

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