China’s Space Exploration Begins With Human Survival Experiment

Chinese astronaut

China’s space ambitions are not a hidden secret. Their emphasis on developing space technology has seen a lot new developments in recent past. Their most ambitious project is space exploration and for that recently several volunteers started a 180 days long living experiment in extreme space conditions. For this time period they will be living in a sealed space capsule to test and analyze space technologies for human survival in deep space. China’s deep space exploration project has made quite a buzz amongst those who believe in extraterritorial life existence in deep space.

The experiment is being conducted in space research facilities in shenzhen city where these volunteers will be living sealed space capsule to come up with solutions to survive in deep space while exploration journey. Scientist in this research believe that the test will help them understand how food, oxygen and water can be used and recycles under extreme conditions like deep space.

For this research space scientist in china have developed a 1,340-cubic-meter capsule that will be completed sealed. It is 370 square meters wide in terms of floor space. It is designed to be divided in 8 compartments for various usage. The rescue compartment, passenger compartment and greenhouse compartment are the three main ones.

For food and plantation experiments, scientists have grown 25 species of plants in the capsule that includes potatoes, peanuts, sweet potatoes, edible amaranth, soybeans, wheat, pak choi, lettuce and some fruits such as cherry, horse radish, tomato and strawberry. These plants holds great significance in this research because they are part of ecological treatment system in the capsule that will be responsible for regeneration of water, food and oxygen. This will completely eliminate the dependency of food, water and oxygen supply from outside.

The study will also provide key data on learning how hermetic environment have its impact on biological rhythms, emotional wellbeing, and physiological changes in humans. In this experiment more than 12 Chinese and foreign institutes are involved and working constantly in shenzhen city based Space Institute.

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