LeEco’s 8GB Smartphone: Rumor or Reality?

leeco smartphones

The smartphone market in India is a fiercely competed one and with arrival of low cost Chinese companies it has gone a lot fiercer in recent past. In last few years these companies have emphasized on shifting from single core CPU to 8/10 core processors to power their devices. However, the trend seems to be changing and this year it is expected to move towards higher RAM in these smartphone devices. Every company is chasing others to beat them with high RAM in their devices off late.

In this competition LeEco recently announced the Le Max 2 which is a mid range phone that comes with staggering 6GB RAM which is one of its kind in recent past as very few companies offers this much RAM in their mobile devices. However, soon after this launch OnePlus 3 was released and it also offers 6GB of RAM at even lower price range. However, according to several media report remorse are there that suggest LeEco is secretly planning to jump ahead of other players in the market with its new smartphone that will come with 8GB RAM.

Based on a report published by GizChina, the new phone will based on Snapdragon 821/823 processor despite the fact the current processor is capable of handling high RAM units. The report also mentioned that this phone will feature a whopping 25 megapixel camera and a finger print scanner as well. The approximate price of this device is expected to be close to Rs. 31,000 and in yuan it will be 3000. The device will be launched in china followed by India and other emerging markets for smartphones.

There are few images leaked online of LeEco’s new smartphone that looks a bit similar to the newly launched Le Max 2. We have not verified this info neither we claim it to be true. We have wait and see what LeEco has in store for us as far as RAM war considered in Indian smartphones market.

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