Liver Disease Common in Overweight Teens

liver diseases

Teenagers who are overweight due to sedentary lifestyle, unhealthy diet and lack of physical activities are prone to developing severe liver diseases in later part of their lives. This applies to both males and females. The findings are from a large scale worldwide study conducted on obese teenagers who were found to be overweight because of number of reasons.

It is generally difficult for medical sciences to identify individuals from the general population who are more prone to developing cirrhosis and other serious diseases related to liver later in life. However, prevention can significantly lower down this risk factor amongst obese teens. In order to come up with effective and more efficient prevention programs, it is imperative to first understand how to predict this risk factor. In all major studies on this subject it is found that increased number of obese people around the world with liver diseases is a sign of how it is co-related.

In this large scale research, nearly 46000 men and women were monitored for over 40 years. They analyzed and studied if excessive body or body mass index in teenagers can predict increase risk of developing various liver diseases later in life or not. Majority of data and research analysis gave concrete evidence that obesity in teens is related to development of liver problems at some stage in their lives.

Over the last few decades the number of people with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease has increased at rapid speed and most of them are overweight. Researchers claim that if the current trend continue, there will be a billion overweight people with liver diseases by 2030 all across the globe. Obesity is linked with liver-related deaths and claims millions of young lives every year in India and worldwide. Staying fit, eating healthy and lots of physical activity every day is the key to overcome obesity.

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