Makeup Brush Set – What You Should Consider

makeup brush set

If you are makeup artist, you’d definitely have 2-3 sets of makeup brushes for different uses, applications and techniques, but do individual girls need them? Well, if you frequently use makeup to look good or apply everyday makeup, then you definitely need a good brush set. Makeup professionals own hundreds of brushes and tools and each one of them are meant for different techniques and methods. However, not everyone is an artist working as a professional in different fields, right? They are experts and it is their filed of work that require them to have a good set of brushes as they use them in their profession to earn.

They are professionals and having a ton of brushes is quite understandable, but you, on the other hand are not and thus there is no need to spend hundreds of dollars on buying brushes. However, you still need at least a basic set of brushes for everyday makeup applications to look beautiful. For individuals with basic makeup requirement the regular 12 piece brush set is recommended.

So which particular set of brushes you should have in the makeup kit? In the section below we will talking about different types of brushes and their uses as well. Chances are you already have some of these brushes such as blusher, eye liner, lip brush and eye shadow brush. These are basic ones that can be used to get any specific look you want and can also be used for creating smokey eyes effect, bronzed skin and nude lips as well. Let’s explore types of makeup brushes available in the market:

Concealer Brush: This is the most common one in any brush set. It is used to conceal dark spots, blemishes, laugh lines and acne. This small brush can be a perfect tool to hide skin imperfection around your eyes, cheeks, forehead, chin and nose.

Foundation Brush: Many girls apply foundation with their fingers which should be avoided and a proper brush should be used. Foundation brushes are perfect for applying even layer foundation to create the perfect base.

Angled Brush: This is a bit fine tuned brush with an angled tip. This is mainly used for eyebrows and under the eyelid areas. Like that cat eye look? This is the brush that makes it possible.

Fan Brush: This brush is generally used to remove excessive makeup under your eyes. Some girls also use it as a blusher and contouring tool.

Contour Brush: This is the most widely used brush type that is made with a thick bristles that are angled. In this bristles are a bit longer on one end and shorter on the other side. It can also be used for upper cheek area and for powdering as well.

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