Udta Punjab Praised by Viewers Across India

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After so much hype and dramatic press conferences by filmmakers and produces of Udta Punjab, the film was finally released this week and the reviews by viewers and critics has been pretty good for the makers and actors featured in the film. While some viewers hailed the reality and drug menace in punjab shown in the movie, some deplored the abusive language and scenes in the movie.

One viewer after watching the film’s first show said, the drug problem in youth and abuses shown are brutal reality of punjab and there is absolutely no denying in that. However some expressed different views and felt the movie was full of abuses and exaggerated the drug problem in Punjab. A viewer said that this image of punjab can be devastating for youngsters in the state because when they go out, this could have a bearing on their careers and the way they are perceived by others.

Asking those who have watched Udta Punjab gives you mix reactions as some of them found the story line true as it has been the case in Punjab for so many years, but some of them also found it full of abuses by drug addicts as well as other characters. People believe some of those extreme abuses in the movie should have been censored because sending a strong message across the country about drug issues can be done without abuses too.

There is no denial that Punjab has already lost its youth to drug menace, and should be addressed before its too late, but Udta Punjab goes into extreme with those abuses and at times it sounds disgusting while watching with your friends and family together. Although, all the film cast has performed remarkably well, and the message that comes out is undoubtedly strong, but it could have been an excellent film without those necessary abuses. Well, that’s just an opinion and others might have different one as well.

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